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Mystic & Mityvac

Enhancing a winner— the Mityvac line of vacuum assisted delivery systems. Every delivery is unique! Mystic II is designed to ensure the clinician has the safest device for every Operative Vaginal Delivery. Improved outcomes begin with better choices—better choices begin with Mystic II.  Soft Bell cups result in less trauma....

AmnioSense™Amniotic Leak Self-Test Detector

Amniosense is a panty liner test used to detect amniotic fluid leak during pregnancy. Giving peace of mind to both the patient, and the clinician, Amniosense will effectively diagnose the cause of vaginal wetness within a very short time frame and is completely non-invasive.


Endocell® Provides Simple, Safe Endometrial Sampling. DISPOSABLE CELL SAMPLER SCREENS FOR A WIDE RANGE OF CONDITIONS. Wallach’s Endocell® is an easy-to-use, disposable cell sampler that requires only manual suction to safely extract a histological sample from the endometrium. The simplicity of Endocell enables all practitioners to ...

Endosee Office Hysteroscopy

A game-changing device that lets OB/GYNs directly visualize the uterine cavity at the point-of-care, to get a diagnosis quicker. The all-in-one, handheld, portable, cordless system allows you to complete a diagnostic hysteroscopy in an average of 3 minutes. The Endosee procedure is well-tolerated by patients, simila...

H/S Catheter Set

H/S Catheter Set. For enhanced visualization of uterine pathology Sonohysterography and Hysterosalpingography have been proven to significantly improve the depiction of uterine pathology and determine tubal patency.  . Features & Benefits. • Available with integrated stylet for easy insertion. • Unique placement sheath elimina...

H/S Elliptosphere™

The safe and simple answer for both Sonohysterography and Hysterosalpingography. • Patented Elliptosphere balloon affords complete clinical control with minimal patient discomfort. • Control of balloon contour and volume permits secure placement in the cervical canal or uterine cavity for optimal visualization. • Catheter can be u...

Milex®Wide-Seal Diaphragms

Milex®Wide-Seal Diaphragms Latex-free brand of choice. Proven Performance For Over 40 Years. • Full line of latex-free, hypoallergenic silicone vaginal diaphragms. • Wide-Seal provides increased suction for added protection. • Durable, autoclavable fitting kits and diaphragms . "True Fit" Technology. • Avai...

Wallace® Amniocentesis Needles

This is a high quality needle specifically designed for optimum handling and confidence of tip placement during amniotic fluid sampling. The single-use amniocentesis needles are provided in individual sterile packs for the application of amniotic fluid sampling. The needle tips have spiral engraving to provide clear visibility under ultrasound g...

Wallace® Ring Pessaries

WHAT IS A RING PESSARY?. The Wallace® Ring Pessary is a PVC removable device which is designed to ease uterine prolapse and other uterine displacements, by adding support to the vaginal wall. . It helps prevent the uterus from descending, relieving pressure on the bladder and bowel and removing the distress caused by the discomfort of t...

Wallace® Vaginal Speculum

The Wallace® disposable vaginal speculum allows for single handed locking in multiple positions. The ergonomic design gives maximum patient comfort while providing optimum visualization of the cervix. The single-use vaginal speculum from CooperSurgical offers an alternative to traditional metal types. Not only does the device provide all the...

Wallach's Papette® Cervical Cell Collector

Papette® can gather the full spectrum of cervical cells, including the transformation zone, in a single rotating motion. Extremely cost-efficient, it helps provide highly efficient sampling and improves test accuracy for fluid-based technology. - Simplified, one-step procedure for clinician . - Full spectrum sample includes the transformatio...

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