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The alternative to conventional contrast media for an excellent image. Carbon dioxide contrast medium . CO2 angiography is becoming more and more important as an alternative to conventional angiography with contrast media due to the increase in real disease and the continual improvement in image quality related to advances in CO2 software d...

sinus-Repo-418/ sinus-SuperFlex-418

4F Vessel Solution for SFA & BTK - Up to 200mm. sinus-Repo-418 - Closed cell design. sinus-SuperFlex-418 - Open cell design. •  4F Application device. •  Adapted to .018 inch guide wire. •  Range of sizes from Ø 3 mm – 6 mm and lengths from 20 mm - 100 mm.  . . . .

sinus-Repo-Visual 6F

The repositionable 6F stent with closed-cell design for straight vessel segments. 6F Application device. Adapted to .035 inch guide wire. Closed cell design. Repositionable. Range of sizes from Ø 6 mm – 14 mm and lengths from 30 mm and 100 mm. Self-expanding Nitinol Stent (Open Cell Design).


The unique super-flexible 6F stent in sinus-Micro-Mesh design. •  Superflexible nitinol stent with high quality electro-polishing. •  6F application system adapted to a .035i guide wire. •  Diameters from 6 to 12 mm and lengths from 30 to 200 mm. The sinus-SuperFlex-635 makes a convincing impression finding the deli...

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