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Women's health refers to the branch of medicine that focuses on the treatment and diagnosis of diseases and conditions that affect a woman's physical and emotional well-being.

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Mystic & Mityvac

Enhancing a winner— the Mityvac line of vacuum assisted delivery systems. Every delivery is unique! Mystic II is designed to ensure the clinician has the safest device for every Operative Vaginal Delivery. Improved outcomes begin with better choices—better choices begin with Mystic II.  Soft Bell cups result in less trauma....


In surgery, the objective is straightforward, but effectively targeting tissue while minimizing impact to surrounding structures can be particularly challenging - especially when you're removing lesions.  . PlasmaJet® surgery system is the only device that delivers a highly controlled effect on tissue in four distinct actions without th...


The Right Choice For All Pelvic Laparoscopic Procedures. Advanced Uterine Manipulation System Delivering Superior Control and Enhanced Visualization. The RUMI® II System is ideal for any laparoscopic pelvic surgery. As a surgeon, you will experience superior exposure and access to pelvic anatomy. The RUMI II System provides maximum flex...

Carter Thomason

Safely and Quickly Close Port Sites, Especially on Challenging Obese Patients. The patented Carter-Thomason CloseSure System is designed to prevent port-site herniation, a potential complication of minimally invasive surgeries. "There is a high incidence of incisional hernias and recurrence of hernias following surgical procedures in the ob...

Leisegang Colposcopes

All Leisegang colposcopes have the following features:. ● Convergent optical beam path for fatigue-free work. ● Vivid, 3D image. ● 300 mm working distance. ● LED lighting:. With a colour temperature of 5,700-6,000 Kelvin for excellent contrast. With a lighting strength of 45,000-52,000 Lux (at a workin...

Lone Star APS Retractor

For Obstetric and Gynecologic Procedures. TheAPS Retractor combinedwith the recommended Stays provides excellent visual exposure of the vagina. • Unobstructed visualization and access. • Designed specifically for modern pelvic and vaginal surgery. • Effectively manages the surgical site, simplifying the procedu...

Lone Star Elastic Stays

Elastic Stays quickly adapt Retractor Ring to anatomy. Wide array of shapes, sizes and materials for every surgical need. These single-use stays are packaged in a nested tray system to facilitate delivery and accountability.

Lone Star Gynecology Kit

...better than another pair of hands™. Self-retaining retractor system for a wide range of gynecologic surgical procedures. Benefits. • Essential components for key procedures:. - Urinary incontinence procedures including slings. - Pelvic organ prolapse repairs. - Vaginal mesh revision/excision. - Vesicovaginal fistula repairs. -...

Lone Star Retractors

Lone Star self-retaining retractor system offers superior visualization and efficiency for a wide range of surgical procedures. Better than another set of hands™. The Lone Star Retractor System is visibly different, visibly better. Quite simply, it opens up a whole new way to operate. The self-retaining design frees OR staff to perfor...

Lone Star Reusable Retractor Rings

So simple – and yet so capable. These Reusable Retractor Rings have the qualities you need for optimum surgical results. They dramatically improve visibility in the surgical field, by eliminating the need for manual retractors and the personnel to hold them. The articulated design adopts to any region of the anatomy. Adjustable hinges and ...

Lone Star Self-Retaining Retractor System

Better than another set of hands™. The Lone Star Retractor System from CooperSurgical is visibly different, visibly better. Quite simply, it opens up a whole new way to operate. The self-retaining design frees OR staff to perform other tasks, saves time and expense, and eliminates clutter at the surgical site. You, and your patient, get th...

MorSafe - Tissue Isolator

World's 1st product specifically for safe morcellation. MorSafe™is an innovative single-use disposable device intended to be used as a receptacle for benign tissue mass during gynecological procedures such as laparoscopic myomectomy or laparoscopic hysterectomy. MorSafe™  is to be used in conjunction with the Versator ...

Versator - Handpiece & Drive Unit

The Versator Tissue Morcellator is a unique reposable design which is partly reusable and partly. disposable. The system is comprised of a single use Handpiece, which goes inside the body and the Rotor, which transmits power to Handpiece.  The rotor is reusable up to 10 times and is able to be re-sterilized. This versatile combina...

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