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A selection of infection prevention and control products. High quality gloves, aprons and clothes protectors and their compatible dispensers.

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HiBi Liquid Hand Rub

Surgical hand disinfection. HiBi Liquid Hand Rub kills bacteria immediately and provides residual protection. With growing, concerns over the rising number of hospital-acquired infections, HiBi Liquid Hand Rub – in conjunction with HiBiScrub can offer reassurance. . HiBi antisepti...


Antimicrobial skin cleanser and surgical hand scrub. Antimicrobial skin cleanser HiBiScrub contains chlorhexidine gluconate, which unlike soaps and gels, binds to the skin and offers persistent, superior protection for six hours. The efficacy is strengthened upon repeated application. . HiBiScrub containing the active ch...

HiBiScrub Plus

Pre-surgical whole body wash. Antimicrobial skin cleanser HiBiScrub Plus contains chlorhexidine gluconate which unlike soaps and gels, binds to the skin and offers to withstand superior protection for six hours. The efficacy is strengthened upon repeated application. . HiBiScrub Plus has a significant proven efficac...

Hibitane Plus

General skin and hard surface disinfection. Molnlycke HiBi products are effective against a wide range of Gram-Negative and Gram-Positive bacteria, yeast, fungi, and viruses and protect long after application. It is an antiseptic preparation for preoperative surgical hand disinfection, for general antiseptic hand washing, for hand...


Antiseptic sterile solution for cleaning skin wounds in Obstetrics. Sterexidine is a sterile solution prescribed for disinfection and wound cleaning. It can also be used in the care of a pregnant woman and her child. Sterexidine is used on the skin as needed in adults, the elderly and children. Sterexidine contains the a...

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