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University hoists, Silvalea slings and various other moving and handling aids. We also provide after-sales servicing for all hoists and slings.

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Clip Fixing Stand Aid Sling

This replacement stand aid sling has clip fixings and is suitable for clip fixing standaids ie; Arjo® etc. It features a soft padded roll with an outer removeable fleece cover. It has a velcro waist support with clunk-click buckle for additional user security. . The user should have some standing tolerance to use this product safely. Ma...

Duo Transfer Slide

Available with or without handles, the unique design of the Duo Transfer Slide allows for an angled transfer as well as a straight transfer from one seated position to another. . The handgrips at either end of the deluxe model give the user a means of pulling themselves across the smooth surface while at the same time ensuring the Duo Trans...

Graduate 150 Hoist

The Graduate 150 has been designed for residential and nursing homes with low usage and limited space in mind. It is a compact design, offering comfort to both patient and carer. It is easy to use and will lift from the floor, a chair or bed. It is available in both electric and hydraulic version. Codes: . H7001 (Hydraulic). H7002 (Electric)

Hammock Sling

The Standard Longseat patient sling is manufactured with a padded roll along the edge of the leg area for additional comfort. It is available in either polyester or mesh material as standard and comes with provision for hip tapes. The hip tapes are available as an optional extra. This style of sling is a full body supportive sling, generally app...

Handling Belts

Soft padded handling belts available with or without a non-slip inner lining to help prevent the belt sliding upwards during a transfer (sit to stand, or assisted walking). The deluxe belts also benefit from a series of vertical and lateral handholds allowing a more comfortable grip for the nurse or carer. Maxi Belt LOCO-006 24"-45" (6...

High Easy Replacement Sling

The  High Easy replacement patient sling is a full body, divided leg sling with an excellent head support. This style of sling is very supportive and cocooning as well as being easy to apply. It is supplied with clip fixings and has padding to the legs as standard. It is suitable for use on stud fixing spreader bars ie; Arjo® etc . It i...

Rota Stand

The Rotastand.. SOLO revolutionises sit to stand and pivot transfers. The patented T Bar mechanism in the base (see picture) allows a sit to stand and pivot transfer to be carried out by a single nurse or carer thus reducing the time it takes to carry out the task as well as halving the cost of having two carers/nurses present during the transfe...

Scholar 175 Hoist

The Scholar 175 is ideal for low/medium usage in residential and nursing homes (where a greater lifting height or weight is required than provided by the Graduate) this hoist also lifts from the floor, chair or bed. It is available in both electric and hydraulic versions. - Weight Capacity 28st / 175kg  . - Detachable battery pack . - ...

Silva - Chest Sling

The Silva – Chest sling is padded with a non-slip back panel support. It has a waist support with Velcro and ‘clunk-clink’ fastenings. . Code: SILSB350.

Single Patient Use Slide

The Single Patient Use Slide is designed for multi- use with the same patient and to be disposed of when soiled or no longer required by that patient. - Extreme low friction surface gives high performance slide. - Eliminates the need to lift . - Promotes infection control. Code: LOCO-200 (200cm x 75cm)

Stand Aid Slings

This replacement rigid stand aid sling is a clip fixing sling suitable for stud fixing standaids such as Arjo® etc. It is a structured patient sling offering excellent support for the user. The waist support has Velcro and a clunk- click buckle for additional user security. Padded underarm rolls give comfort for the user whilst the transfer ...

Supportive Roll Sling

The Supportive Roll sling comes with a waist support for additional client safety and has an easy to remove, detachable fleece cover for ease of laundering. Code: 203A

Toileting Sling

This Toileting sling with underarm padded roll is fully padded throughout and has the addition of underarm padded rolls for greater patient comfort. It is available in either polyester or mesh material and features a velcro waist support and a ‘clunk-click’ buckle as standard. The design of this patient sling is widely used for the c...

Turn Table

The Turn Table allows patients/clients to be  moved from bed to chair/wheelchair or commode safely. . The Turn Table eliminates the need to shuffle a patient’s feet round to the required position, instead the patient is rotated smoothly and safely with minimal effort which greatly reduces the risk of loss of balance and injury to...

Tutor 175 Hoist

The Tutor 175 hoist shows an advance in patient lift design and operation. The concept behind the Tutor 175 was to produce a compact and easy to use hoist that can be simply folded away when not in use. This hoist is the most practical and functional in our range today. It is a compact design, offering comfort to both patient and carer. It is ea...

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