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We install and provide after-sales service for Casa profiling beds. Along with a large selection of falls management systems and patient alarm monitors.

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Aquatex Divan Bed & Mattress

Orthopaedic bonnell open coil spring system . Perimeter wire frames to reinforce the mattress edge . Quality upholstery fillings including blended and heat treated felt pads. Specialised Aquatex breathable Source 5 waterproof ticking, featuring:  . - Antimicrobial   . - Hypo-allergenic. - Breathable. - Colour fastness. -...

Bed Med Classic FS with Slide Rails

Offering an attractive and non-clinical finish, this best-selling bed is beautifully finished with enclosed motors and curved beech-effect head and foot board. The standard height bed 40cm - 80cm enables carers/nurses to care for users successfully, without bending and causing back injuries. . Features & Benefits include -. -  Inte...

Casa Med Classic FS Low with Slide Rails

The Casa Med Classic Low offers attractive styling with the added benefit of integral side rails that are fully compliant to BS standards. The combination of low positioning and integral side rails ensures a safe resting and sleeping environment for those at risk of falling out of bed, providing the highest levels of safety standards. . Fea...

Chair Pressure Mat - PMC)

pmc-control-box. The Airlert™ Chair Pressure Mat alerts as soon as someone gets out of a chair. The mat can be positioned above or below the seat cushion depending on the type of chair. What’s Inside. Your bed pressure mat is supplied either to plug into your existing call system (Plug Matched) or wirelessly linked to our pagers (Pag...

Fall-Out Mats

High density, foam filled fall-out mats designed for use with low level beds to ensure that patients do not injure themselves if they were to fall out of a bed with no rails. Made with a foldable, wipe clean, breathable material the fall-out mat is very easy to store and maintain and comes complete with durable carry straps. . code: 139/W/PU

Floor Pressure Mat

The most cost effective approach to alerting to night time wanderers is the floor pressure mat. When placed in a door or hallway the mat detects foot pressure. The mat can also be used for falls prevention when placed next to a bed. Mats are hand-glued and very hardwearing. No batteries required (except with some complex call systems). No profes...

Folding Bed Cradle

Manufactured from chrome plated steel, this bed cradle fits under the mattress and folds away flat for storage.  The cradle supports the weight of bed clothes, therefore reducing contact with the user’s injury.  . code: 613.

Magnet Alarm

This simple alarm is easy to operate, allows a quick response and is reliable and economical too. It is designed to be used on chairs with the cord attached to patient’s clothes so that the alarm is activated when the cord is pulled as a result of the patient starting to stand. The pull string has a 25mm (1”) diameter magnet on one e...

Multipager System

Multiple sensors and pagers on a single system. Our chair alarm can be transmitted WIRELESSLY to the pager in any location within in the building. THE SYSTEM IS COMPLETELY WIRELESS AND NO WIRING INSTALLATION IS REQUIRED. The PAGERS are worn by one or more carers in a home . The cushion is made of a very durable, waterproof fabric and can be...

Over-Bed Table with Open Base

The over-bed table has a laminated, wipe-clean, teak top and two independent points for adjusting the height and angle of the top.  Rails on the sides of the table top prevent items from slipping off and the lack of castors allows the table to be used with a bed or chair with a low clearance. Open legs enables the over-bed table to fit arou...

Patient Helper

This free standing, heavy duty Patient Helper is placed under the bed base to give a stable overhead support pole for those who find it difficult to rise out of bed. It is designed for raising a person to a sitting position; not lifting the entire weight of the person off the bed. The helper disassembles into three pieces for ease of storage and...

Side Wedges with Connecting Sheet

High density, foam filled pair of side wedges with a breathable connecting sheet designed to prevent residents from falling out of beds with no rails. The side wedges are attached to the connecting sheet using a large hook and loop strip, which is then attached underneath the bed using durable straps and quick release clips.  This ensures t...

Two Rail Cot Bumper with Net Window

Most profiling beds have full length wooden rails. These bumpers have been designed to fit each rail neatly. Top and bottom pads are connected by a strong see through net which ‘concertinas’ to save space when the sides are lowered.

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