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Actico - Short Stretch Compression Bandage

Actico is a cohesive inelastic compression bandage system for the treatment of leg ulcers and lymphoedema. Actico inelastic compression bandages are clinically proven to help your leg ulcer heal and/or treat swollen ankles and legs. The bandages are compression bandages, which means they ‘squeeze’ your patients limb.&n...

Actifast® - Tubular Retention Bandage

ActiFast is a 2-way stretch tubular retention bandage. Actico ActiFast is a cohesive inelastic compression bandage system. The versatile ActiFast tubular bandage range is easy to apply and can be cut to size and shape and is safe to use where compression is contra-indicated. Simple to apply. Safe and effective for full l...

Actiform Cool – Hydrogel Sheet Dressing

ActiForm Cool is an ionic sheet hydrogel for painful wounds.  . ActiFormCool is an ionic sheet hydrogel for painful wounds that will have a cooling effect on the skin when it is first applied. This will soothe the pain, especially if the skin or wound is hot and inflamed. The pain relief continues whilst ActiFormCool&nbs...


Molnlycke Alcowipes Sterile Alcohol Wipes. Mölnlycke Health Care’s Alcowipes:. For the cleaning of surfaces and medical devices. . Features:. Fast, effective and quick-drying disinfection. 18 x 14cm individually packed in sachets. Convenient size for most purposes. 'Wet-strength' paper resists tearing and fibre-shedding. Light, c...

Compression Hosiery – Acti Lymph, European Standard

The ActiLymph range includes arm sleeves and hosiery.

Compression Hosiery – British Standard

Activa compression hosiery is designed to improve circulation in the legs.


Melolin Low Adherent Absorbent Dressings. . Cutiplast is made of a nonwoven polyester fabric coated with acrylic adhesive. . . Low-adherent: Minimises patient trauma and wound disturbance on removal. . . Conforms well to highly contoured parts of the body. . . Cushions the wound. . . Highly absorbent. . . Low allergy: Well tolerated by the ...

Debrisoft – Wound Debridement Pad

Debrisoft is a significant advance in wound cleansing and debriding. .


OPSITE Flexigrid. Indications . Superficial pressure ulcers and their prophylaxis . • Abrasions and Lacerations . • Skin grafts and donor sites . • Post-operative wounds . • Minor burns and scalds . • Skin protection around stoma and leg bags . • Relief of pain in diabetic neuropathy.

Incise Drapes

OPSITE Incise. Indications. For use as an incise drape in major and minor surgery including: . Orthopaedic . . . Neurosurgery . . . Major abdominal . . . Plastic surgery . . . Open heart and thoracic . . . Paediatric.

IV3000™ Moisture-Responsive Catheter Dressing

IV3000™ is a dedicated range of IV dressings designed to meet the demands of modern IV site care. The moisture-responsive technology11 of IV3000 reacts in the presence of moisture or water by removing it from underneath the dressing, maintaining optimum conditions for the IV incision site which may reduce bacterial growth1-4, and in turn, ...


Leukostrip. Indications. For primary and secondary closure of skin wounds. Used in the fixation of skin grafts. .

Opsite Post Op

Transparent Waterproof Dressing with Absorbent Pad. Demonstrated to reduce blistering and postoperative complications. The unique design allows you to monitor progress of the wound as often as you like without unnecessary dressing changes for your patients. This continual monitoring of the incision site allows for the early signs of co...

Opsite Post Op Visible

Waterproof, Bacteria-proof Dressing with See-through Absorbent Pad. Proven to reduce surgical site infections and blistering. The unique design allows you to monitor progress of the wound as often as you like without unnecessary dressing changes for your patients. This continual monitoring of the incision site allows for the early signs of ...

Opsite Spray

OPSITE Spray. Indications . For use on a variety of minor dry wounds, in particular: . Minor cuts, abrasions, and burns . . . Over dry sutured wounds . . . Sealing of external orthopaedic fixation, such as Steinman pins . . . After suture removal . . . Over-vaccination sites . . . Over intact blisters ...

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