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Infusion therapy is the delivery of drugs directly into the bloodstream via a vein, usually located in the arm or hand. Many medications used to treat neurological disorders must be delivered in this manner.

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MaxPlus Clear Needlefree Connector

Helps reduce CRBSI when used in combination with clinical practice interventions. Catheters provide a vital lifeline for patients. As the gatekeeper, catheter IV connectors should provide access without acting as an avenue for microbial contamination. For vital connections, evidence is confidence and the MaxPlus clear has bee...

MaxZero Needlefree Connector

Prolonged catheter patency and effective disinfection provide a seven-day change-out protocol. CareFusion’s MaxZero needleless connector, designed to improve patient safety, is an extension to a exclusive collection of needleless connectors. It has a solid, sealed surface, which acts as a barrier to bacteria and contamination and allo...

SmartSite Needlefree Connector

The ergonomic design of the SmartSite makes it easy to use. . Carefusion SmartSite needle-free valve and other SmartSite devices provide a wide variety of benefits in IV therapy including helping prevent infection. Free of needles, they reduce the risk of blood-borne needlestick injuries. They feature a smooth,...


Stoppers from Carefusion with male and female luers.

Texium Closed Male Luer

A simple, needle-free Luer-locking closed male luer designed to reduce exposure to hazardous drugs. Caregivers spend every day focused on the health of patients. You may not consider the potential risks that daily exposure to hazardous drugs can have on your physical health causing skin rashes, infertility, miscarriage, birth defects and possibl...

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