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An operating theatre is a facility within a hospital where surgical operations are carried out in a sterile environment.

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EmTherm 1D

The EmTherm 1D provides warmth at every necessary location in the clinic – in a safe, reliable and simple-to-use manner. Long walks to and from warming cabinets installed in a central location become a thing of the past, which can be of special importance in emergencies. The EmTherm 1D is a benchtop version, of 30L capacity, designed for t...

EmTherm 2D

Free space in the Pre-OP, OP or ICU is always at a premium and large warming cabinets are often relegated away from the point of care. The solution is the EmTherm 2D, a convenient mid-sized cabinet for which a place can always be found. A mobile unit with a capacity of 60L, It features 2 draws for pre-warming and storing IV fluids, irrigation fl...

EmTherm 3DS Blanket Warming

Warmed blankets in the Pre-OP add to the comfort and psychological well-being of the patient while in the Post OP and recovery rooms they can also help to mitigate any inadvertent peri-operative hypothermia. Warming patients pre- and post-operatively reduces incidences of post-operation infections, reduces the over prescription of antibiotics an...

EmTherm 3DW Blanket and Fluid Warming

The EmTherm 3DW is designed to safely warm blankets and irrigation/injection fluids. Two separate warming chambers, with individual heating circuits and controls enable your varied warming requirements from one point. The upper compartment has 3 height adjustable shelves for warming blankets etc. up to 70°C. A triple glazed glass door and fu...

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