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AerogenŽ Pro X Controller

The Aerogen Pro X Controller facilitates a 30 minute nebulization cycle and continuous nebulization. Powering Aerogen technology for every stage of patient care. . The Aerogen® Pro X Controller is designed to power the Aerogen® Solo nebulizer. The Aerogen® Solo can be used for continuous t...

AerogenŽ Solo (Consumable)

The  Aerogen Solo is a compact, single patient use nebulizer for aerosol therapy.  . Single Patient Use Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer. . The Aerogen Solo features OnQ™ vibrating-mesh nebulization technology. As energy is applied to the vibrational element, each aperture within the mesh acts as a micropump, dra...

AerogenŽ Ultra

The Aerogen Ultra enables the use of the Aerogen Solo for spontaneous breathing patients. The Aerogen Ultra is next-generation technology that is changing the way healthcare professionals and patients experience aerosolised drug delivery. The Aerogen Ultra results in superior drug deliv...

AerogenŽ USB Controller

The Aerogen USB Controller powers the Aerogen Solo in one slim-line, easy to use device. Throughout the hospital, the Aerogen USB controller powers the Aerogen Solo in one slim-line, easy to use device. Designed for ease of use, the Aerogen USB Controller can be operated from ...

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