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Anesthesia or anaesthesia is a state of temporary induced loss of sensation or awareness. It may include analgesia (relief from or prevention of pain), paralysis (muscle relaxation), amnesia (loss of memory), or unconsciousness.

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Caelus is Medec’s culmination of 40 years of research and development in the field of anaesthesia ventilators. The Bag-in-Bottle ventilator can handle a wide range of patientcategories: neonates (approx. 1 kg), infants and adults (incl. bariatric patients). Caelus is designed with the focus on patient safety, reliability and cost efficienc...

Caelus Lite

Caelus Lite is an ideal solution for optimal space allocation in your operating room. Its reduced footprint combined with the integrated working surface results in a remarkably compact anaesthesia ventilator. At the same time its cutting-edge technology makes for a modular platform, which can be upgraded to support the most demanding anaesthetic...

COCOON Convective Warming Machine CWS 4000

The Cocoon Convective Warming Machine, CWS 4000, is a mains powered, microprocessor-controlled device.  It delivers a continuous flow of temperature-controlled air through a flexible hose to the warming blanket. The CWS 4000 is lightweight, compact and easy to use. Features include microprocessor controlled, digital temperature sensor syste...

EmTherm 1D

The EmTherm 1D provides warmth at every necessary location in the clinic – in a safe, reliable and simple-to-use manner. Long walks to and from warming cabinets installed in a central location become a thing of the past, which can be of special importance in emergencies. The EmTherm 1D is a benchtop version, of 30L capacity, designed for t...

EmTherm 2D

Free space in the Pre-OP, OP or ICU is always at a premium and large warming cabinets are often relegated away from the point of care. The solution is the EmTherm 2D, a convenient mid-sized cabinet for which a place can always be found. A mobile unit with a capacity of 60L, It features 2 draws for pre-warming and storing IV fluids, irrigation fl...

EmTherm 3DS Blanket Warming

Warmed blankets in the Pre-OP add to the comfort and psychological well-being of the patient while in the Post OP and recovery rooms they can also help to mitigate any inadvertent peri-operative hypothermia. Warming patients pre- and post-operatively reduces incidences of post-operation infections, reduces the over prescription of antibiotics an...

EmTherm 3DW Blanket and Fluid Warming

The EmTherm 3DW is designed to safely warm blankets and irrigation/injection fluids. Two separate warming chambers, with individual heating circuits and controls enable your varied warming requirements from one point. The upper compartment has 3 height adjustable shelves for warming blankets etc. up to 70°C. A triple glazed glass door and fu...

Medec Clinical Research

Caelus is Medec’s culmination of 40 years of research and development in the field of anaesthesia workstations. To better suit the needs of your patient we have redesigned and upgraded our well-established bag-in-bottle ventilator with the latest state-of-the-art technologies. To better suit the needs of your hospital our next-generation a...

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