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5 Prong Grasping Forceps

Disposable retrieval forceps used for the retrieval of foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal tract during endoscopy procedures. . - Sheath in Teflon . - High precision grip performance . - 3 ring handle. - 5 Prongs . - Sterile . - Single use. - 10 pcs. per box.  .

Alaris Syringe Module

Deliver the right dose or rate to patients.

Biopsy Forceps

Biopsy Forceps. Disposable biopsy forceps used for the withdrawal of gastrointestinal tissue during endoscopy procedures. . - Fenestrated oval cup. - Available with spike. - Sheath in Teflon. - 3 ring handle . - Sterile . - Single use. - 10 pcs. per box.

Biopsy Valves

Disposable biopsy valves featuring a strong seal and easy instrumentation access. . - Black silicone rubber. - Easy close cap for safe use. - Strong seal. - Sterile. - Single use. - 100 pcs. per box.  

Clip Applicators

Used to arrest non varicose bleeding in the digestive tract during endoscopy procedures. . - PE sheath for a better flow inside the biopsy channel. - Graduated rotation 360 degree. - Available with various jaw dimensions, angulation and working lengths. - Toothed jaw fo a better grip after clamping . - Sterile. - Single use. - 5 pcs. p...

Clutch Cutter

Incision, dissection and coalulation.  Your 3 in 1 ESD tool for efficient and safe therapeutic procedures. . - Toothed jaws - to grip the mucosa membrane securely and efficiently. - Rotatable distal jaws - for a precise lesion approach . - Insultated outer edge - for a safe procedure without damaging tissue. .  

Colonoscopy Boxer

Boxers used to help preserve patients' dignity during colonscopy procedures. . - Boxer in TNT water repellent anallergic material. - With adhesive tabs to open and close the backside. - Not sterile. - Single use. - 100 pcs. per box.  

Disposable 3 Way Cystoscopy Tap

Sterile tap for use during flexible cystoscopy. . - Compatible with all major brands of cystoscope . - Allows 3 way management of the scope for irrigation and instrumentation use. - Tracking and traceability labels included. - Sterile. - Single use. - 1 pcs. per box.

Disposable Nitinol Extraction Baskets

Basket used for the retieval of polyps, stones and foreign bodies during endoscopy procedures. . - 360 degree Rotatable version. - Excellent radial force . - Memory shape. - Catheter in braided stainless steel that guarantees excellent flexibility . - 4 wire version with luer lock washing port. - 8 wire version . - Sterile. -...


SUBMUCOSAL INJECTABLE COMPOSITION – DESIGNED FOR EASY AND SAFE RESECTION PROCEDURES. INTENDED USE. Eleview™ is a new submucosal injectable composition intended for use in gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures for submucosal lift of polyps, adenomas, early stage cancers, or other gastrointestinal mucosal lesions, prior to excision wi...

Endoscope Hoods

Maintains a clear field of view during clinical procedures such as ESD. . - Short ST hoods. - Small-caliber tip short design  allows an optimized view to the operative field. - 7.0mm distance to the distal end and an inner diameter of 8.0mm to support efficient visibility. - Two drains allow the continuous flow of fluid. - No guide dit...

G Mark Endoscopic Marker

Preloaded sterile, polypropylene syringe contains 5cc of endoscopic pigment sterile marker for endopigmentation during endoscopy procedures.  The composition of 'Inprel' is as follows: charcoal suspension, sterilized water for injection sealed with ABS cover, indicated for marking lesions in the G.I. tract (such as ployps and colon cancer)....

Gastroscopy Bib

Bibs with catch pocket for oral fluids. - Bibs manufactured from safety doft TNT material 110g. - Absorbent with catch pocket for fuilds. - Adhesive tabs to secure in position . - Not sterile. - Single use. - 100 pcs. per box.  

Gastroscopy Biteblocks

Biteblocks used to facilitate the insertion of the endoscope during gastroscopy procedures. - Preloaded headstrap in laprene with differentiated elasticity. - Tongue pad. - Available without headstrap . - Not sterile. - Single use. - 50 pcs. per box.  

Guide Wires

Guide wires used to facilitate the insertion of instruments into the gastrointestinal tract during biliary and pancreatic procedures. . - Available in nitinol and nitinol coated PTFE with double contrasting colours. - Nitinol hydrophilic tip in tungsten or platiinum available . - Sterile. - Single use. - 10 pcs. per box.  .

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