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3100A Neonatal & Pediatric High-Frequency Oscillatory Venilator

The 3100A ventilator goes beyond convention by empowering clinicians to deliver high-frequency oscillatory ventilation to both neonatal and pediatric paients. The 3100 series goes beyond convention.  The 3100A has changed the way clinicians around the world ventilate by setting the benchmark for open lung, low stretch and lung protective st...

3100B Adult & Pediatric High-Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator

The 3100B ventilator goes beyond convention by empowering clicians to deliver high-frequency oscillatory ventilation to your larger pediatric and adult patients. The 3100B is indicated in the ventilatory managemnet of patients with acute respiratory failure and weighing more than 35 kilograms. THe 3100B allows the application of continuous diste...

AVEA® ventilator

In the ever-changing world of healthcare, you face more challenging patients and more pressure on outcomes.  The AVEA ventilator was designed with you in mind.  Its comprehensive array of clinical tools and advanced monitoring allow you to guide your patient through the continuum of care simply and effectively with a focus on improving...

EUS Sonoprobe

Newly designed EUS sonoprobe system offers increased examination efficiencies and improved diagnostic capabilities.  The System combines the new multi-frequency HI-RES mini probes and user-friendly control pad. With specialist probes for pulmonary, upper and lower GI  . Features : . Hd video images . Hd ultrasound images. Super slim sc...

HD Endoscopic Ultrasonography System

Compact, one cart ultrasound processor with high quality image facilitates endoscopic ultrasonography.  For a more accurate diagnosis, advanced HD image processing technology married with exceptional endoscope manoeuvrability and insertion capability. New HD scopes include ultrasound video bronchoscopes for EBUS, with 360° radial a...

Infant Flow® SiPAP System

Taking neonatal noninvasive ventilation to the next level Infant Flow® SiPAP System. • Clinically proven technology to target lung protection. • BiPhasic and nCPAP modes. • Intuitive operation. • Integrated safety alarms. • Integrated patient monitoring. • Apnea and low breath rate detection. Advancements in non...

Mystic & Mityvac

Enhancing a winner— the Mityvac line of vacuum assisted delivery systems. Every delivery is unique! Mystic II is designed to ensure the clinician has the safest device for every Operative Vaginal Delivery. Improved outcomes begin with better choices—better choices begin with Mystic II.  Soft Bell cups result in less trauma....

Nikon Eclipse Ci Microscope

The Eclipse Ci-E offers the most advanced ergonomics, durability and a great view with a fully automated, compact design.

Nikon Eclipse Ni-E Microscope

A leap forward in research microscopy. See the evolution!

Nikon Eclipse Ni-U Microscope

Introducing Nikon's next generation upright microscope. Optical performance, system expandability, ease of use.  

Nikon Eclipse Ti

Nikon's inverted microscope series positioned at the center of the most advanced bioscience imaging protocols.

Pall: Anti-Microbial Water Filtration for Healthcare Institutions

Pall-Aquasafe Water Filters provide filtered water for topical use and patient consumption. Pall-Aquasafe Water Filters, for up to 31 days use, provide filtered water for topical use and patient consumption. The double layer sterilizing grade Supor® membrane is rated and validated at 0.2 ìm1,2, and protects against waterborne par...


In surgery, the objective is straightforward, but effectively targeting tissue while minimizing impact to surrounding structures can be particularly challenging - especially when you're removing lesions.  . PlasmaJet® surgery system is the only device that delivers a highly controlled effect on tissue in four distinct actions without th...

Pronto .035" Extration Catheter

The power and simplicity of thrombus aspiration for large vessels. A complete system for the rapid removal of thrombus from arteries or veins greater than 4mm. Maximized thrombus aspiration with rate control. •  Unobstructed aspiration lumen with an in-line roller clamp to control the rate of aspiration. Tapered Sil...


The Right Choice For All Pelvic Laparoscopic Procedures. Advanced Uterine Manipulation System Delivering Superior Control and Enhanced Visualization. The RUMI® II System is ideal for any laparoscopic pelvic surgery. As a surgeon, you will experience superior exposure and access to pelvic anatomy. The RUMI II System provides maximum flex...

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