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Tulip Age of Aquarius

The Tulip airway is a range of airway devices designed to allow anyone to resuscitate anybody anywhere, even by family members and children at home. The Tulip has been specifically created for both inexperienced and experienced users to allow life saving intervention in even semi-conscious patients. The Tulip is a direct replacement for the Guedel and Facemask and is the first airway designed for both hospital and home use. It may be used for Basic Life Support (BLS) or any airway requirements including starved elective anaesthesia cases. It is the smallest, softest, least invasive and least stimulating airway allowing hands-free, directly connectable ventilation for provision of life support. The Tulip is available as the multi-sized Tulip GT both with and without a headband and as the one-size Tulip Rainbow and Tulip Advance.