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Corporate Social Responsibility

We recognise the impact we have on the world and the responsibilities that come with being a leading healthcare services organisation.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is key to the way we operate. We are committed to upholding the highest professional and ethical standards and we encourage and support all our companies to have a positive impact in everything they do, whether it's in the workplace or local community.


We are committed to limiting the impact our businesses has on the environment. We ensure all statutory requirements are in place, that the highest standards are adhered to and good environmental practice is applied in managing our businesses. As an example, our operations in the UK for Ross on Wye (Aquilant Endoscopy) and Maryland in Belfast (Aquilant Northern Ireland) operate to the ISO14001:2015 environmental standards. 

Similarly, all our sites are also registered and compliant with local Authorities requirements on packaging, handling of Waste Electronic Electrical Equipment (WEEE) and waste and battery disposal, not to mention recycling of all waste paper, implementation of LED warehouse lighting and other power saving initiatives. Furthermore it is our policy to only acquire vehicles in our sales fleet with emissions less than 115 grams of CO2 per kilometre or less (reduced annually by over 10% since 2015) and each year we have targets in place to reduce our CO2 footprint and enhance our power utilisation even further. 

To read more on our commitment to the environment, see below our Environmental Policy:

 Aquilant Environmental Policy Feb 2018 (PDF)


We operate an Employee Assistance Programme for all our employees, which aims to ensure the well-being of our employees and their families. We also conduct surveys and act on them to establish initiatives to support the well-being of our employees. Looking at aspects such as MISSION (do we know where we are going), ADAPTABILITY (are we listening to changing market needs), INVOLVEMENT (are our people aligned, engaged and capable) and CONSISTENCY (do we have the values, systems and processes in place to execute effectively). 

Furthermore we are committed to our VALUES and to embracing and benefiting from the diversity in the world in which we live and work. In doing so, we are committed to providing a workplace where all people are treated with dignity, free from harassment of any type and provided with equal opportunities.

The Health & Safety of our all our employees, contractors and visitors to our sites is also of paramount importance. We operate a H&S Framework and have stringent policies and various training, risk management and methods of work practices in place to ensure the ongoing safety of our employees, contractors and visitors.

To read more on our commitment to Health and Safety, see below our Health & Safety Policy:

 Aquilant H&S Policy Feb 2018 (PDF)


Our success is based on being able to attract, develop and retain talent at every level in the organisation. That's why Aquilant has a proven track record of developing careers and helping employees fulfil their potential.

We believe in giving people significant responsibility at an early stage in their careers. This provides an exciting environment for ambitious professionals and is a central aspect of attracting talented individuals. Our approach is focused on developing and enhancing the leadership and management capability of the entire organisation.

We also feel strongly about maintaining ethical labour standards and fully support the ILO (International Labour Organisation’s) Ethical Trading Initiative, which includes an ETI Base Code (or 9 codes of practice to aid organisations in acting responsibly in terms of human rights and to promote decent working conditions)

Feel free to read more on our commitment to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion policy (see below listing).

Feel free to read more on our commitment to ethical labour standards throughout our supply chain and business practices. Refer to our Anti Modern Slavery Policy (see below listing).


We believe that a responsible approach to developing relationships between companies and the communities they serve is a vital part of delivering business success. Therefore, we support local community and charity initiatives both financially and by supporting participation of employees in the sharing of their time and skills in such projects.

Staff often participate in worthy causes or a fund-raising activity of their choice, with Aquilant always at the ready to support with such causes either by matching contributions or through holding work based fund raising events. The charities we help to support have included Barnardos in the Republic of Ireland and the UK, United Way in the United States and various children's hospitals/hospices in Europe. There are many more initiatives we support and regularly change each year...

Country Regulations & Healthcare Industry Guidelines

We believe that Aquilant is leading  through quality & compliance with the express aim of safeguarding & differentiating Aquilant to enhance patient outcomes and aid business development both for ourselves and that of our partners who work with us.  To do this, it is a given that we comply with all the regulatory requirements of the territories we operate within. In addition to this we also fully support the latest MedTech Europe, ABHI (United Kingdom) and IMSTA (Republic of Ireland) Codes of Ethical Business Practice. 

Contained on this website are some of the key policies and codes of conduct material we subscribe to, and are available for you to review.

-Anti-Bribery & Corruption

-Codes of Conduct

-Website Terms and Conditions of Use

-Cookie Policy

-Related Party Transactions 

-Diversity, Equality and inclusion

-Terms and Conditions (of Sale and of Purchase)

-Conflicts of Interest

-Anti-Modern Slavery

-Business Continuity

-Cyber Security Certificate

-GDPR Compliance (Data Protection & Privacy)

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For further Corporate Social Responsibility information or any questions, please direct these to Compliance@aquilantservices.com