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Thoracic medicine, also known as Chest medicine or Respiratory medicine, is a speciality of medicine which deals with investigation and treatment of diseases of the lungs.

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The BioSentry™ Tract Sealant System is the first of its kind that significantly reduces the risk of biopsy-related pneumothorax (PTX) and gets your patients back to wherever their day takes them. The BioSentryTM plug expands radially and longitudinally to fill the co-axial introducer needle hole in approximately 30-60 seconds. - Patented B...

Comvi Trach Bronch

- Triple layered construction . - Excellent radial force to maintain luminal patency. - The outer wire mesh prevents the risk of migration. - PTFE membrane prevents tumour ingrowth. - Tracheal stent diameters 16mm - 24mm. - Lengths 3cm - 10cm. - Bronchial stent diameters 10mm - 14mm. - Lengths 3cm - 6cm

Niti-S Tracheobronchial Stents

Indicated for use where there is a tracheobronchial obstruction.

Uncovered Tracheobronchial Stent

- Fixed cell with braided construction. - Flexible and resistant to fracture. - Tracheal Stent diameters 16mm - 20mm. - Lengths 3cm - 10cm. - Bronchial Stent diameters 10mm - 16mm. - Lengths 3cm - 6cm

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