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Industrial scientists perform research and development work with a commercial focus in fields like agriculture, food science, environmental science, earth science, pharmaceutical science, engineering and technology. Much of an industrial scientist's time is spent on stressful and challenging deadline-oriented projects.

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100L Heratherm Advanced Protocol Incubator

Perform drying applications with Thermo Scientific Heratherm Advance Protocol Microbiological Incubators. . The Thermo Scientific Heratherm Advance Protocol Microbiological Incubators include dual convection technology and deliver excellent temperature consistency. These incubators are an effective and flexible tool...

100L Heratherm General Incubator

Perform a range of general applications with Thermo Scientific Heratherm General Protocol Microbiological Incubators.

180L Heratherm General Protocol Incubator

Perform a range of general applications with Thermo Scientific Heratherm General Protocol Microbiological Incubators.

60L Heratherm Advanced Protocol Incubator

Perform a range of general applications with Thermo Scientific Heratherm General Protocol Microbiological Incubators.

Axygen Consumables and Reagents

Disposable pipette tips, sample tubes and micro test plates used in PCR and high throughput processes. . From collection to analysis, Axygen (A Corning Brand) offer efficient workflows from low to high throughput processes. A combination of global manufacturing expertise, extensive use of in-house automation, an unsurpassed commitment ...


Simplify workflows and maximize productivity with a new generation of water baths. Precision water baths are rugged, high-performance baths that maintain water temperature from ambient to 95 °C or 99.9 °C (depending on model). .  These easy-to-maintain baths feature a broad range of bath sizes and models, with digital set-it-and-for...

BioLine Range

Gram BioLine refrigeration systems are specifically built to meet the most demanding requirements for Medical and Scientific markets. BioLine bio storage cabinets are optimised to ensure maximum reliability and stringent control in applications such as storage of;. Blood Products and Blood components. Medicines and Vaccines. Labor...

BK 6160 Low Temperature Incubator

Microprocessor controls provide uniform heat distribution and reduced air movement in our refrigerated incubators. The BK 6160 Low-Temperature Incubator is ideal for everyday applications that require temperatures between 5°C above ambient to 65°C tp protect your samples from drying out. The BK 6160&nbs...

Consumable Products

Disposable Tips for Liquid Handling.

Corning Cell Culture Consumables

Flasks, dishes and multiwall plates used in cell culture. Corning offers an extensive selection of cell culture ware, including dishes, multiwell plates, and flasks that are available with a broad range of surface chemistries and attachment factors to meet your research needs. Falcon Cell Culture ware, including dishes, multiwell ...

Corning Cell Culture Media

Media and supplements for growing cells in tissue culture applications. Classical cell culture media is designed to support the growth of a variety of microorganisms and cells. Our broad selection of growth media includes products that are able to add nutrients, such as amino acids and nitrogen. We offer selective media used for growth of only s...

CryoStar™ NX50 Cryostat

Optimal sectioning quality and unmatched ergonomics and safety designed to accommodate the needs of the routine clinical laboratory. Get optimal sectioning quality and unmatched ergonomics and safety with the Thermo Scientific CryoStar NX50, designed to accommodate the needs of the routine clinical laboratory. This manual cryostat offers a ...

CryoStar™ NX70 Cryostat

Accommodate the needs of both research and clinical laboratories with the Thermo Scientific CryoStar NX70. The NX70 introduces a form-fitting design, integrated height control, and motorized sectioning. Standard Features. Knife advance. Designations for both low and high blade holders. Multi-axis specimen orientation. High quality...

Cytospin 4 Cytocentrifruge

Gain all the advantages of the ultimate thin-layer cell preparation system with the Cytospin 4 Cytocentrifuge.          Features:. Processes 12 specimens at one time. . Accepts all protocols from Cytospin 1, 2 and 3. Allows for one-handed opening and closing with a redesigned lid-release mechanism. Enables view...

Excelsior™ AS Tissue Processor

Reduce reagent costs while enhancing workflow and tissue quality with the Thermo Scientific Excelsior AS Tissue Processor. . The increasing demand for productivity and efficiency in the laboratory is addressed in full by the. Excelsior AS. The automated reagent monitoring and in-process reagent rotation minimize downtime and reage...

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