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An endoscopy is used in medicine to look inside the body. The endoscopy procedure uses an endoscope to examine the interior of a hollow organ or cavity of the body.

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EUS Sonoprobe

Newly designed EUS sonoprobe system offers increased examination efficiencies and improved diagnostic capabilities.  The System combines the new multi-frequency HI-RES mini probes and user-friendly control pad. With specialist probes for pulmonary, upper and lower GI  . Features : . Hd video images . Hd ultrasound images. Super slim sc...

HD Endoscopic Ultrasonography System

Compact, one cart ultrasound processor with high quality image facilitates endoscopic ultrasonography.  For a more accurate diagnosis, advanced HD image processing technology married with exceptional endoscope manoeuvrability and insertion capability. New HD scopes include ultrasound video bronchoscopes for EBUS, with 360° radial a...

5 Prong Grasping Forceps

Disposable retrieval forceps used for the retrieval of foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal tract during endoscopy procedures. . - Sheath in Teflon . - High precision grip performance . - 3 ring handle. - 5 Prongs . - Sterile . - Single use. - 10 pcs. per box.  .

Alaris GH Plus

The Alaris GH Plus Syringe Pump delivers benefits through comprehensive therapy functionalities and the Guardrails suite of safety software.  . The Alaris GH Plus Syringe Pump offers a range of features suited to drug therapy, blood and blood products, including large, clear display, intuitive user interface, i...

Alaris GW Volumetric Pump

The space-saving design of the Alaris GW volumetric pump offers many real clinical benefits for the safe delivery of intravenous therapy. Small, space-saving design:. This compact pump makes it easier to treat patients, particularly during patient transfers. The pump design provides many built-in safety features that will assist the healthc...

Alaris Infusion Central

A leading software package that helps staff to check and manage your ward’s infusions on a computer or tablet.

Alaris PCA Module

Together with continuous patient monitoring and barcoding, provides a comprehensive pain management solution.

Alaris Syringe Module

Deliver the right dose or rate to patients.

Alaris System Pump Module

Efficiently deliver large volume infusions.

Alaris VP Plus

The Alaris VP Plus volumetric pump delivers exclusive benefits through in-line pressure monitoring.

Beta Oesophageal Stent

For Leak or fistula after bariatric surgery. Unique design. PTFE covered body and Silicone covered outer double layers. Body. PTFE membrane with unfixed cell construction provides excellent flexibility and conformability to fit in tortuous anatomy. Outer double layers. Silicone covered double layers prevent the risk of migration and any substanc...

Biliary Short Wire

Time saving, Easy controlling. •  Time saving during device exchanges and therapeutic maneuvers. •  Reduction of fluoroscopy exposure time. •  Maintaining the access. •  Less dependence on a well-trained assistant. •  Easy control of the guidewire. • Different types of stents are available. ...

Biopsy Forceps

Biopsy Forceps. Disposable biopsy forceps used for the withdrawal of gastrointestinal tissue during endoscopy procedures. . - Fenestrated oval cup. - Available with spike. - Sheath in Teflon. - 3 ring handle . - Sterile . - Single use. - 10 pcs. per box.

Biopsy Forceps

- Spiked and non-spiked. - Gastric and Colonic lengths. - 1.8mm and 2.4mm oval cup sizes

Biopsy Valves

Disposable biopsy valves featuring a strong seal and easy instrumentation access. . - Black silicone rubber. - Easy close cap for safe use. - Strong seal. - Sterile. - Single use. - 100 pcs. per box.  

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