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Air Compressors

G8 and G9 Dry Air Generators from Parker Dominick Hunter. . G8 and G9 Dry Air Generators employ robust, field-proven technology to produce up to 6 liters per minute of high purity dry air suitable for spectroscopy applications. The G8 and G9 generators provide a continuous stream of dry air from a single &lsquo...

Air Freshener One Shot

One shot air freshener is formulated for use by the professional housekeeper to mask objectionable odors arising from tobacco smoke, food remains, and spilled drinks. The product contains unique compounds that block out residue odors and allow only the long lasting freshness. . Code: 097300 (2 x 2 litre)

Airlaid Wipes

- Macerator friendly . - A highly absorbent wipe with excellent wet strength. - 50 patient wipes per pack. Codes: R104

AirLife adult demand cannulas

• Designed to give the highest degree of freedom and comfort to ambulatory oxygen patients. These cannulas feature inspiratory sensing from both lumen, offering innovation in both comfort and effective oxygen delivery for the long-term oxygen therapy patient. They sense patient inspiration and deliver oxygen through both lumens to maintain ...

AirLife adult standard nasal cannulas

The AirLife cannulas offer an angulated, flexible lip plate, which provides comfort at the tip of the nasal region, with beveled tips to provide a softer edge. Disposable cannulas are curved and are available with flared or nonflared tips. 50 cannulas per case.

AirLife aerosol masks

These soft, high-quality AirLife disposable aerosol masks are made from high-grade resins. The smooth, feathered edges are designed for patient comfort while reducing irritation points. All AirLife masks are designed for anatomical compatibility. A full line is available to meet requirements in paediatric and adult sizes. 50 masks per case.

AirLife brand Dual Dial Venturi-style masks

Utilizing two oxygen concentration dials, our Venturi-style masks deliver nine specific oxygen concentrations ranging from 24% to 55% O2. They accommodate paediatric and adult patients. Each mask comes complete with 2.1 m of crush-resistant oxygen tubing, 15 cm flextube, color-coded low and medium concentration dials, a high-humidity adapter and...

AirLife brand Misty Max 10 disposable nebulizers

. • An advanced jet design for fast treatment times. • Provide fine particles with a tighter distribution. (higher percentage of respirable particles) than conventional nebulizers Our AirLife brand Misty Max 10 disposable nebulizers deliver fast and effective treatment more efficiently to a wide range of patients. They feature a one-pi...

AirLife crush-resistant oxygen supply tubing

We offer an extensive line of disposable vinyl-tipped oxygen tubing. It is available with crush-resistant lumen to resist occlusion. Choose from a variety of lengths ranging from 2.1 m to 15.2 m. Tubing with a U/Connect-It connector attaches directly to flowmeters without an adapter.

AirLife cushion nasal cannulas

These nasal cannulas have a soft, clear design that provides optimum patient comfort. All supply tubing is crush-resistant to prevent occlusion and kinking. 50 cannulas per case.

AirLife empty nebulizers

Empty nebulizer 002002 has FIO2 settings adjustable from 35% to 100%. It has ports for a feed set and an immersion-type heater. Empty nebulizers 5007P and 5207 have FIO2 settings adjustable from 28% to 98%.

AirLife face tent mask

The AirLife disposable face tent mask is available in an adult under-the-chin style to be used with large bore aerosol tubing for high humidity aerosol therapy. The face tent is molded of soft vinyl. The under-the-chin design and clarity offer patient comfort, clear vision and ease of speech. The face tent incorporates a thick wall to give more ...

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