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Abena Wash Lotion

This mild but effective washing lotion should be used without water to cleanse the skin and is ideal for bed bound, immobile patients or for situations where water isn’t available e.g. camping trips. . Can be used all over the body including the intimate area and contains allantoin (which helps reduce inflammation of the skin) and lea...


- Ideal for disposing pads whilst on the move. - Zip-lock fastening seals odours and fluids. - Opaque and very resistant to tearing.

Abri-Fix Fixation Pants

- Abri-Pants offer an optimal level of maintenance, comfort, and safety. - The widest range covering different needs and user situations. - Designed for the best pad fixation and comfort . - Provides security and dignity.

Abri-Fix Net Pants

- Compared to ordinary underwear fixation products offer a wider crotch area and extra elasticity. - Supports the pad in the best possible way to offer optimum security against leakage. - Can be washed up to 25-30 times.

Abri-Fix Pull-Ups

- 3D Dual Core construction for a more discreet fit. - No bulkiness in front and back, only absorption where there is a need for it. - Dry feeling for users because of the long spreading layer providing a fast urine absorption. - High side barriers, made to prevent leakage . - Extremely thin and soft for more comfort

Abri-Form All-in-One

- Unisex all-in-one pads available in a variety of sizes and absorbencies . - Textile feel backsheet with breathable side panels. - Advanced double 3 layer absorbent core ensures that the skin is kept dry while leakage barriers ensure maximum protection and lock any fluid inside the pad. - Smooth back panel is designed to protect skin integ...

Abri-Form Bariatric All-in-One

The new Abri-Form XXL1 is designed to ensure security for the individual user who is active, seated or bed bound. The fixation features of the product will keep the product comfortably in place. The Abri-Form XXL1 is suitable for bariatric users. Hip size up to 254cm. Code: 300516

Abri-Form Junior All-in-One

- Designed specifically for juniors between 5-15 years with quick and uncontrolled urination. - Non-woven sub-layer to spread liquid providing quicker absorption. - Narrower core offers a smaller leg cut . - Strong curved elastics and flexible tapes for the optimum, variable fit. - hip 50-60cm

Abri-San Shaped Pads

- Unisex pads available in a wide variety of absorbencies to suit all needs. - Soft breathable backsheet offers greater comfort and promotes skin integrity . - Advanced double 3 layer absorbent core ensures the skin is kept dry while leakage  barriers ensure maximum protection and lock any fluid inside the pad. - Wetness indicatiors ar...

Abri-Soft Disposable Sheets

- Ideal for use as added protection for beds and chairs. - Suitable during procedures such as changing pads or wound dressings. - Can be used for changing baby’s nappy on the move. - Waterproof backing and sealed edges provide protection against leakage.

Actichlor Plus Tablets

Effervescent NaDCC tablets, when mixed with water make a hypochlorous acid solution with detergent. Clean and disinfect in one easy step. Disinfectant solutions made with Actichlor are effective against bacteria, spores, yeasts, moulds and viruses including Hepatitis B and HIV. Code: 3077170

Actico - Short Stretch Compression Bandage

Actico is a cohesive inelastic compression bandage system for the treatment of leg ulcers and lymphoedema. Actico inelastic compression bandages are clinically proven to help your leg ulcer heal and/or treat swollen ankles and legs. The bandages are compression bandages, which means they ‘squeeze’ your patients limb.&n...

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