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Gas Chromatography

GC columns and consumables from the injector to the detector including syringes and micro SPE (MEPS). Advanced GC Column Technology:. SGE offers a comprehensive GC capillary column range for almost any chromatographic application, providing the best possible combination of Performance, Robustness, Reproducibility, Low Bleed, and Inertn...

Liquid Chromatography

HPLC columns and consumables from the injector to detector including syringes and micro SPE (MEPS). Expanded Range of ProteCol HPLC Columns:. • Flexible hardware options. • High-quality phases. • Perfect match for all your separation needs. Turn imagination into results with the ProteCol range of HPLC columns. With Rever...

Liquid Handling

Liquid handling products from syringes for any application to our micro SPE (MEPS) range. SGE syringes have consistently been the choice of GC and LC scientists for many years. Their knowledge and expertise in liquid handling technologies have enabled them to design syringes for a vast variety of applications. However, all these p...

Mass Spectrometry

MS detector design and ion optics capabilities by ETP for most popular systems. Bringing you a range of products to suit your MS analyses, SGE provides the highest quality syringes, ferrules and columns. .  . Diamond MS Syringes | The Choice for Sensitivity:. Improve the sensitivity of your MS analysis:. Lowest syringe c...

SGE Brochures

SGE Analytical Sciences Information Brochures.  .  .  

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