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Air Compressors

G8 and G9 Dry Air Generators from Parker Dominick Hunter. . G8 and G9 Dry Air Generators employ robust, field-proven technology to produce up to 6 liters per minute of high purity dry air suitable for spectroscopy applications. The G8 and G9 generators provide a continuous stream of dry air from a single &lsquo...

Hydrogen Generators

Utilising field proven PEM cell technology,hydrogen is produced on demand from deionised water and electricity.

Nitrogen Generators

Complete ‘Plug and Play’ system for laboratory applications. The Parker Domnick Hunter nitrogen gas generators employ robust, field-proven technology to produce high purity nitrogen for life science, chemical analysis, and spectroscopy applications. Flow rates range from 5 to 12.5 lpm, with purities from 99.8 to 9...


Providign assistance on customised configurations. . In addition to providing the right generator for your application, we can also provide assistance on customised configurations which may require additional in-line modules or clean-up techniques which will ensure you get the supply that you need. . With more labor...

Ultra High Purity Generators

Complete ‘Plug and Play’ system specifically designed for critical analytical applications. The Parker Domnick Hunter Ultra High Purity range of gas generators employ robust, field-proven technology to produce ultra high purity nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air for critical life science, chemical analysis, and&...

Zero Air Generators

Ultra high purity, organic free, air for GC combustion detectors that will Increase resolution and detection limits of analysis. The Parker Domnick Hunter UHP-ZA zero air generators produce a continuous stream of organic impurity free air from an external dry compressed air source and offer superior limits of detection over and ab...

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