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rapid MICRO N cube

Matrix independent determination of N at trace levels. The rapid MICRO N cube measures low level nitrogen concentrations with a detection limit of 10mg/kg of a wide range of samples. Its specialty: nitrogen determination is carried out using the Dumas method, after reduction of the oxides of nitrogen the resulting N2 is ...

Rapid N Cube

Rapid N Cube is designed for the cost-effective analysis of large sample series. . Nitrogen/protein analyzer according to Dumas for routine analysis of samples such as food or animal feed up to 1 g sample weight. The rapid N cube is a fast, safe and environment-friendly alternative to the classical Kjeldahl method. The rapid ...

Vario MAX Cube

Maximum performance on a micro footprint. . The Dumas combustion method has become the worldwide used standard for accurate and fast determination of nitrogen, e.g. in agricultural products. Compared to the wet chemical Kjeldahl method it is superior in terms of speed, safety, and environmental friendliness. The representative analysis of a...

Vario MICRO Cube, Vario EL Cube and the Vario MACRO Cube CHNOS Analysers

Automated Analysers for the elements C, H, N, O, and S. CHNOS Elemental Analysis. Long-time Market Experience optimizes our devices for the use in CHNOS Elemental Analysis. Most important is the large dynamic range of detection, from < 0.01 to 100%. This range is even possible when there is a great difference in relative concentrations (i.e. ...

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