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Pal GC-HPLC-xt systems

Front-End Automation for LC / LC-MS Systems and Options. To meet the demand for increased sample throughput and flexibility CTC introduces the PAL HPLC-xt product Line. . Built on the successful PAL product line, the new PAL HPLC-xt offers faster speed plus a completely new single PCB-based electronic whic...

PAL GC-xt Systems

PAL GC-xt - The most flexible GC/GC-MS liquid sample injector.

PAL RTC Sample Prep Automation Systems

PAL RTC: Highest productivity. The PAL RTC with Robotic Tool Change is the logical (r)evolution of the successful PAL-xt product line. Sample Prep prior to Chromatography is no longer the bottleneck – Automate your sample prep and sample injection - all in the PAL RTC. The new PAL RTC is a robotic platfor...

PAL-xt Systems

PAL-xt: speed and flexibility. CTC Analytics has released a new generation of LC / GC front-end Automation systems, the PAL-xt product line. Built on the successful PAL product line, the new PAL-xt series of Autosampler offer unprecedented advantages. Wherever increased, precise and accurate sample loading/throughpu...


Micro XRF Spectrometer for Elemental Analysis. The energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF) spectrometer developed for elemental analysis tasks that require a non-destructive measuring technique. The SPECTRO MIDEX X-ray fluorescence spectrometer was developed for the elemental analysis tasks in industry, research and the sciences ...

Spectro xSORT

The handheld XRF elemental analyzer that’s designed for high-throughput testing and spectrochemical analysis. This next-generation xSORT spectrometer sets new standards of speed, accuracy, and productivity. and offers exclusive new features such as an integrated global positioning system (GPS) for quick returns to previous spots....


SPECTROMAXx – The Metal Analyzer of Choice. The new SPECTROMAXx represents the sixth generation of the popular and successful metal analyzer. Redesigned for even greater ease of use and more optimized analytical performance, this benchmark spectrometer provides better productivity, traceability, and time savings than ever before....

Vario TOC Cube

TOC/TNb analysis without limitations. A high performance water analyser combined with a century of experience in organic elemental analysis of carbon in solids. Revolutionary, newly designed analyser for the determination of organically and inorganically bound carbon in liquids, slurries and soli...

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